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Video: Rep. Todd Akin Compares Sen. Claire McCaskill to a Dog

Rep. Todd Akin, who earlier this year claimed that women could "shut down" and prevent pregnancy if they were victims of "legitimate rape," recently compared his opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill to a dog during a fundraiser in Springfield, Missouri, reports (video below).

Rep. Akin said: “She goes to Washington, D.C., it’s a little bit like one of those dogs, you know ‘fetch.' She goes to Washington, D.C., and get all of these taxes and red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies and she brings all of this stuff and dumps it on us in Missouri.”

“It seems to me that she’s got it just backwards. What we should be doing is taking the common sense that we see in Missouri and taking that to Washington, D.C., blessing them with some solutions instead of more problems.”


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