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Video: Rep. Paul Ryan Supported Stimulus Plan Under Pres. Bush in 2002

Last week, Rep. Paul Ryan denied that he requested funds from President Obama's stimulus package in 2009, but later admitted that he did.

However, that wasn't the first time Rep. Ryan supported a government stimulus.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) also supported a stimulus plan under President Bush, reports MSNBC's 'Up with Chris Hayes.'

Hayes unearthed an old video (below) from 2002, in which Rep. Ryan supported stimulus spending when President Bush tried to spur the economy with a $120 billion package of tax cuts, tax incentives and unemployment benefits.

Rep. Ryan defended the Bush stimulus package and said that government intervention was necessary to jumpstart the economy.

Rep. Ryan said:  “What we’re trying to accomplish today with the passage of this third stimulus package is to create jobs and help the unemployed.  What we have been trying to do…is to try and get people back to work. The things we’re trying to pass in this bill are the time-tested, proven, bipartisan solutions to get businesses to stop laying off people, to hire people back, and to help those people who’ve lost their jobs."


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