Video: Rep. Luis Gutierrez Tells Canadian Justin Bieber to "Bring Your Papers" to Arizona

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Speaking on the House floor today, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) illustrated the potential for racial profiling in Arizona’s anti-immigration law by showing a series of photographs and asking House members to determine which of the people were immigrants and which were citizens (video below).

During his presentation, Rep. Gutierrez compared pictures of Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Rep. Gutierrez said: “I’m sure Justin helped Gomez learn all about American customs and feel more at home in her adopted country. Oh, wait a minute. I’m sorry. Because I’m not a trained Arizona official, I somehow got that backwards. Actually, Ms. Gomez of Texas has helped Mr. Bieber of Canada learn about his adopted country.”

“Justin, when you perform in Phoenix, remember to bring your papers."

In a 5-3 ruling earlier this week, the the Supreme Court found that three out of four provisions of the Arizona law were unconstitutional because they were preempted federal laws.

But the court upheld that police could be required to ask about immigration status when they stop suspects.


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