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Video: Rep. Joe Walsh Blames "Coffee" For Angry Rant

On Tuesday, a video surfaced of Rep. Joe Walsh’s (R-IL) unhinged pro-Wall Street rant, in which he shook his finger and yelled “don’t blame the banks” at a couple of constituents earlier this week. Yesterday, Walsh said his rant was caused by an “empty stomach,” but now says it was caused by "too much coffee."

WLS-TV (video below) recently spoke with Melissa Rakestraw, one of the constituents berated by Rep. Walch. Rakestraw, who asked several thoughtful questions about bank regulation, said she was insulted when Walsh wouldn’t stop yelling into her face.

Rakestraw, a post office worker, said she was taken aback when she asked Walsh about how to save jobs like her own. Walsh replied bluntly, “I don’t care about the loss of public sector jobs.”

According to WLS-TV, Walsh reportedly apologized to Rakestraw, but did not back away from any of his political views. “When we talk about creating jobs in this country,” said Walsh, “we are not talking about government jobs, we are talking about private sector jobs. That was the point I was trying to get across.”


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