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Video: Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman Almost Fight During Debate

During a debate at Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley in California, on Thursday night, Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman nearly came to blows (video below).

Both Rep. Sherman and Rep. Berman are Democrats, but will face each other in the general election because of California’s new primary system, reports the Los Angeles Times.

At one point in the debate, Rep. Sherman put his arm around Rep. Berman and said: “You want to get into this?”

That's when a sheriff's deputy came up on stage and placed his hand on Rep. Sherman's shoulder, who sat down and the debate resumed.

Rep. Berman's spokesperson Brandon Hall said later in a statement: “At a debate in front of local college students Congressman Brad Sherman loses his mind and acts like a bully. This speaks directly to his temperament that is totally unsuitable for anyone, especially for a member of Congress.”

Rep. Sherman told the Associated Press: "I touched him, I put my arm around his shoulder, I should not have done that."


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