Janice Hahn Targeted: Most 'Racist, Sexist' Political Ad Ever?

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It's being called one of the most sexist and racist political ads ever -- an ad accusing a Congressional candidate of giving money to gang members so they can "rape and kill again."

Democrat Janice Hahn is running in a special election in Southern California. In her current job as a councilwoman, she hired gang members to take part in gang intervention programs.

The ad, from a new group called "Turn Right USA" takes this fact and runs with it, showing black gang members with guns singing, "Give me your cash, b***h, so we can shoot up the street. Give me your cash, b***h, so we can buy some more heat." It also shows a woman with Hahn's blonde hair grinding on a stripper pole.

"This exploitation of women and African Americans to ridicule Janice Hahn's campaign and to suggestively portray young African Americans as criminals is an insult to women and African Americans in Los Angeles and across America," said Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman.

It appears Hahn's opponent, Republican Craig Huey, had absolutely nothing to do with the ad.

The "brains" behind it is a man named Ladd Ehlinger, a conservative who is trying to position himself as a viral ad man. He writes on his website:

The ad's funny. It makes me laugh. So if, for some reason, it's pulled by [sic] youTube, a thousand will be launched in its place all over Algorez' Internetz. Because you're only drawing more attention to your past of supporting criminals, Janice, and forcing policemen out of their jobs for doing their duty. So there you go. Claim victimhood all you like, but how many people were victimized by your coddling? There's a reason Mayor Villaraigosa took the program away from you. He's a Democrat. So are you. Think about it.


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