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Video: Racist Anti-Obama Displays Spread Across U.S.

Several anti-Obama racist displays have popped up around the U.S. during this election year, which is looking more like 1912 than 2012.

A political display created by homeowner Blake la Beck, in Morgan Hill, California, features an empty chair, except for two watermelons. Draped on the side of the chair is a noose with a sign which reads: "Go back to Kenya."

San Martin resident Ben Gomez told KTVU-TV: "We shouldn't be threatening with a noose and a watermelon. I believe that's a little over the top. I like the chair and the teleprompter. I mean, they're just copying Clint Eastwood, so I can't blame them on that one. But the noose goes a little over the edge."

Steve Preminger, chair of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, said: "I think it's a very silly prank. It's like someone thinks that Halloween is right around the corner, I guess. I think it's very disrespectful that someone should do that. I think there are racist overtones. To me it's the mark of a kind of bizarre person."

President Obama's campaign building in Des Moines, Iowa, was vandalized with the words "Muslim Lier" ["Liar" was misspelled].

According to the Des Moines Register:

The blue banner is 16 by 8 feet and hangs on the south side of the building at 2307 Hubbell Ave. The words were written with red spray paint, police said. The same message was reportedly spray painted near the Iowa State Fairgrounds earlier in the week.

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There have been similar racist displays in Texas and Virginia, reports Newsy (video below).


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