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Video: Pro-Marriage Advocate Bob Vander Plaats Supports 3-Time Married Newt Gingrich

During an appearance on MSNBC this morning (video below), Bob Vander Plaats - head of the 'The FAMiLY Leader,' a pro-marriage organization in Iowa - defended Newt Gingrich, in spite of his multiple marriages and admitted adultery.

Vander Plaats said: “He’s going to be transparent, he’s going to be humble, he’s going to come clean, he’s going to show a level of maturity that he’s learned from the situation and is ready to move on."

"I believe for those of us who are social conservatives, people of faith, we also realize that the cornerstone at the hart of our faith is a thing called forgiveness."

Last July, Vander Plaats unveiled “The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence upon MARRIAGE and FAMILY,” a 14 point pledge presidential candidates will have to sign to secure any “future endorsement” from the organization and Vander Plaats. The document asked candidates to vow “personal fidelity to my spouse."

On November 19, GOP presidential candidates will take part in a discussion on family values sponsored by the The FAMiLY Leader.

Last year, Gingrich offered his vocal support for Vander Plaats’ successful campaign to oust three of the nine Iowa Supreme Court justices who had unanimously ruled in favor of gay marriage equality and his associates bankrolled more than one-third of the $850,000 campaign to remove the justices.


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