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Video: President Obama Ribs Wife Michelle on the 'Tonight Show'

President Barack Obama was a guest on the 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on Tuesday night (video below), where he talked about Occupy Wall Street, Moammar Gaddafi’s death and wife Michelle Obama's halloween plans.

Obama told Leno that Michelle's healthy eating habits it might end up hurting the couple on Halloween: “She’s been giving, for the last few years, fruits and raisins in the bag. And i said, ‘The White House is going to get egged if we keep this up!’ We need to throw some candy in there. A couple Reese’s Pieces.'”

Obama also addressed the public images of Moammar Gaddafi’s dead body: “There was a reason, after Bin Laden was killed, that we didn’t release the photograph. I think that there is a certain decorum with which you treat the dead, even if it’s somebody who has done terrible things.”

Finally, Obama said he could understand why people were taking to the streets in Occupy Wall Street protests: “People are frustrated, and that frustration has expressed itself in a lot of different ways. It expressed itself in the tea party and it’s expressing itself in Occupy Wall Street.”


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