Video: President Obama Introduces Gov. Chris Christie to Bruce Springsteen


On Air Force One Monday afternoon, President Obama hooked up Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with a phone call from his idol, Bruce Springsteen.

Gov. Christie also told reporters today (video below) that he got a hug from Springsteen during their first meeting on Friday, at a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Gov. Christie said he wept at home after meeting Springsteen.

The New York Times reports:

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, confirmed that President Obama had put Bruce Springsteen on the phone with Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey while the president and the Boss were flying to Columbus from Madison, Wis., on Air Force One.

Mr. Christie, a Republican, is well known as one of the biggest Bruce fans ever, but had not gotten love from Mr. Springsteen, a die-hard Democrat, in the past. Though Mr. Christie has attended more than 100 of his concerts, Mr. Springsteen has not invited him backstage.

The Washington Post reports:

Speaking Monday at a briefing on storm recovery. Gov. Chris Christie revealed he unexpectedly spoke with Bruce Springsteen earlier in the day. Christie had been discussing storm-related matters with President Barack Obama when Obama handed the phone to Springsteen, who was traveling with him as part of a campaign trip.


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