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Video: Did Obama Take Unfair Shot at Bush During Portrait Unveiling?

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled the White House portrait of President George W. Bush.  President Obama also delivered some remarks about how he and Bush tried to save the economy.  Pres. Obama also praised Bush for the transition during the difficult time, reports The Weekly Standard. However, the publication also questioned whether Obama's remark was inappropriate for the moment.

President Obama said: "The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time. We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn't know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been."

"Still, over those 2 1/2 months, in the midst of that crisis, President Bush, his cabinet, his staff, many of you who are here today, went out of your ways, George, you went out of your way, to make sure that the transition to a new administration was a seamless as possible. President Bush understood that rescuing our economy was not just a Democratic or  Republican issue, it was an American priority. I'll always be grateful for that."

"After 3 1/2 years in office and much more gray hair, I have a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the presidents who came before me, including my immediate predecessor President Bush. In this job no decision that reaches your desk is easy, no choice you make is without costs, no matter how hard you try, you're not going to make everybody happy."


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