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Video: Pres. Bill Clinton Squares Off Against Bill O'Reilly

In an interview with former President Bill Clinton, Bill O’Reilly asked whether the Supreme Court would overturn the individual mandate in Obamacare. “I don’t think so; I hope not,” Clinton responded (video below).

Clinton told O’Reilly he believed that President Obama appeared more vulnerable now that he will in the general election because “he’s out there running against himself.”

O’Reilly countered that he believed 2012 would be a referendum vote. That said, O’Reilly turned to Gingrich, and his relationship with the former President.

O’Reilly didn’t mince words in asking, “do you respect him as a man?” Clinton responded that he did not “disrespect anybody who works with me in good faith,” adding that Gingrich was a “scorched earth politics” sort of politician.

O’Reilly asked Clinton whether he would vote for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Clinton answered that he was “not going to get in that Republican Party” with a chuckle, but later recanted and added that he liked Jon Huntsman, and argued “he arguably has the most consistently conservative economic record of anyone running.”


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