Video: Piers Morgan Slams Rep. Todd Akin for Canceling Appearance


On Monday's 'Piers Morgan Tonight', the camera opened with a shot of an empty chair, where Rep. Todd Akin was supposed to sit (video below).

Rep. Akin and his Democratic opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill were scheduled to appear on the CNN show, but both canceled, reports

Morgan said that Rep. Akin pulled out at the "last possible moment, leaving us and you looking at an empty chair. It’s a very nice empty chair, but it remains an empty chair."

The CNN host then scolded Rep. Akin some more: "Congressman, you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it. Because if you don’t keep your promise to appear on the show, then you are, what we would call in Britain, a gutless little twerp."

The Daily Mail reports that Morgan then interviewed Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) who said that Rep. Akin and Rep. Paul Ryan were “two peas in a pod, have endorsed the same legislation, that would limit women’s rights to access to contraception. That would make even rape and incest not reasons for having an abortion.”

Morgan added: "It’s gone right back to the social conservative issues he was so desperate to move off on. And the reason he’s so desperate to move off is that on abortion, for example, he has carried out one of the great flip-flops in political history."


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