Video: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Gets Nose Broken by WNBA Player Nakia Sanford

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Phoenix, Arizona Mayor Greg Stanton created a humorous video, last week, asking to join the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team.

In the video, he said "Coach, I'm taking this really seriously. I know if I'm going to be guarding Nakia Sanford... I've got to buff up."

He got his wish this week, with horrible results, reports the Daily Mail.

During a practice with the Phoenix Mercury, Mayor Stanton got an elbow in the nose from forward Nakia Sanford during a rebound (video below).

Mayor Stanton was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where doctors said his nose is fractured in three places.

Mayor Stanton told AZCentral: "As I now know, they're tough. My biggest mistake was thinking I could actually get a rebound... injuries are just part of the game, they’re battle wounds."

Phoenix Mercury coach Corey Gaines told "It was hilarious. You can't script it any better."


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