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Video: Parody of Rep. Michele Bachmann Campaign Ad

A week after GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry had his campaign ad dubbed over by the website, Rep. Michele Bachmann had the audio of one of her videos replaced by a parody (video below).

The video starts as if it is the 98th take for a campaign ad, with producers warning her: "Let's try to stay on topic this time."

Then Bachmann 'speaks' the following: "We'd been camping for two nights and six mornings in Oahu, downing Bacardi. I whisked like two or three eggs and then I changed my Facebook pic to boring seagulls and the police have agreed to find my Stooges tape! I hope you dont come shoot at me!"

The spoof comes at a bad time for Bachmann as her campaign has hit a few rough patches in the past weeks. She has lost key campaign members, including Ed Rollins, and is rumored to be running out of money as rival Herman Cain takes third place in many polls.


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