Video: Oscar-Nominated Director Josh Fox Arrested While Filming Congress

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, Oscar-nominated 'Gasland' director Josh Fox talked about being arrested while trying to film a hydro-fracking hearing in Congress: “I didn’t expect to be arrested for documentary filmmaking and journalism on Capitol Hil" (video below).

"I was prepared for it but didn’t expect it. I did think they would come to our senses and let them film the hearing. We were there covering a very crucial hearing about a case of groundwater contamination in Pavilion, Wyoming."

"Republicans called in the Science, Space and Technology Committee to a hearing to challenge science. Their panel was made up of gas industry lobbyists. We were there to expose what I believe is ugly and brazen attack on science itself, on what is happening across the country, with hydraulic fracturing."

"We were there doing our jobs. I was not interested in disrupting the hearing –was not charged with that.”


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