Video: Obama Creates Ad with 'Harold & Kumar' Actors Kal Penn and John Cho

President Obama and his campaign team have created a new ad to urge people to tune into the Democratic National Convention. The ad features actors Kal Penn and John Cho from stoner film 'Harold & Kumar.' 

The ad is 53 seconds long and shows Obama making a phone call from his office to someone. The conversation seems important, with dramatic music playing and Obama saying "I'm counting on you - everybody is. We have to get this right." 

After the phone call, we are left wondering who he was talking to. The scene goes to the two Harold & Kumar actors sitting on a couch watching television. Penn hangs up the phone, and Cho asks who he was talking to. 

Penn informs him that he was talking to the president, and Cho replies by saying, "sweet." 

Penn is to host the convention's online livestream form Charlotte on Thursday when Obama is to give his speech. 

The actor has also served in the Obama administration's Office of Public Engagement and has shot a campaign video with Michelle Obama. 


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