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Video: Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris Admit Their Election Predictions Were "Wrong"

Former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich appeared on the 'CBS This Morning,' on Wednesday, where he made a rare admission: "We were wrong."

Gingrich admitted that Republican pundits like himself, Karl Rove and Dick Morris incorrectly predicted that Mitt Romney would defeat President Obama, reports

Gingrich said: "I’m just going to say bluntly, we were wrong. I think Karl Rove, Michael Barone, Dick Morris, a whole group of us, frankly, misunderstood what was happening in the country. We thought with 8 percent unemployment, or approximately 8 percent, with gasoline the price that it was, etc., that it would be almost impossible for President Obama to be re-elected. He deserves enormous credit. His campaign deserves credit.”

Fox News analyst Dick Morris also admitted on his Dick Morris TV, this morning, that he was wrong.

Morris then lectured on how the country has changed demographically, something that was painfully obvious to many people in the 2008 election.

Morris also blamed Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for Mitt Romney's loss.

Morris said: “I was wrong and the media polls were right. I think I always said that if we adopt their turnout assumptions, their numbers are right. And they turned out to be right.

“This signals a permanent change in the American electorate. This is not your father’s United States. This is a United States with a permanently high turnout of blacks, Latinos and young people.”


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