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Video: New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz Claims New Gun Laws Will Make Him a "Criminal"

New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz (R) recently claimed that he would become a "criminal" under the proposed new gun laws in New York State (video below).

The proposed laws would ban assault weapons and require New Yorkers, who already own military style firearms, to register the guns with the state police, reports

Additionally, a gun magazine that can hold over 7 rounds of ammunition would be banned and the state would conduct more background checks, which would include the mentally ill.

Katz warned that the new laws would transform gun owners into “a new class of criminals overnight,” including himself as he promised to load his wife’s guns with more than 7 rounds.

Katz said: "After what happened to the young mother in Loganville, Georgia who defended her two young children against an intruder, this bill would turn me into a criminal because you can bet that before I leave to do the people’s work, there will be more than 7 bullets in the magazine of my wife’s firearm."


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