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Video: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Calls the War On Drugs a "Failure"

During a speech at the Brookings Institution today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) spoke out against the U.S. War on Drugs (video below).

Gov. Chris Christie said: “The war on drugs, while well-intentioned, has been a failure. We’re warehousing addicted people everyday in state prisons in New Jersey, giving them no treatment.”

"It costs us $49,000 a year to warehouse a prisoner in New Jersey state prisons last year. A full year of inpatient drug treatment costs 24,000 a year."

"If you're pro-life, as I am, you can't be pro-life just in the womb. Every life is precious and every one of God's creatures can be redeemed, but they won't if we ignore them."

Gov. Christie is a supporter of mandatory drug treatment programs rather than jail time for first-time, nonviolent drug offenders.


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