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Video: National Organization for Marriage Runs Misleading Anti-Gay Marriage Ads Against 'Question 1'

Same-sex marriage 'Question 1' will appear on the November 6, 2012 Maine ballot. The measure would overturn a voter-approved 2009 ballot measure that banned gay marriage in the state.

In response, the National Organization for Marriage is running several anti-gay ads in Maine,  which critics say play loose with the facts, reports

In one ad, Jim and Mary O’Reilly, who own the Wildflower Inn in Vermont, state: “A lesbian couple sued us for not supporting their gay wedding because of our Christian beliefs. We had to pay $30,000 and can no longer host any weddings at our inn.”

This ad does not involve gay marriage, but the state’s nondiscrimination laws, which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.  After the O’Reilly’s settled the lawsuit with the lesbian couple, they admitted to violating the law.

In a second ad, Canadian sportscaster Damian Goddard says he was fired Sportsnet after voicing support on Twitter for a sports agent who opposed gay marriage.

However, Goddard doesn't mention that he wrote numerous anti-gay tweets. Sportsnet, his employer,  said that  the tweets were one in a series of problems that made the broadcaster conclude “he is not the right fit for our organization."


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