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Video: NAACP Says Mitt Romney had Blacks "Flown in" for his Speech

Appearing on 'The Ed Show' on Wednesday night,  NAACP Washington Bureau Director Hilary Shelton said that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney had conservative African Americans “flown in” to the NAACP convention to make it appear that he had more support than he really did (video below).

Romney did get a small amount of applause at moments during his controversial speech.

During an interview on Fox News, after his speech, Romney said he met with a “number of African American leaders” after his speech and they told him “a lot of folks” were disappointed in President Barack Obama.

However, on 'The Ed Show,' Shelton said: “The campaign actually gave me a list of African American VIPs that they brought in to the NAACP meeting. So, I’m sure those are the ones they sat down with because, quite frankly, none of the rank-and-file NAACPers met with him.”

“He’s talking about African American Republican politicians that were actually brought in, flown in, to the NAACP convention in Houston, Texas to be there for the [candidate] alone."

“They are bringing people in that they know will support his agenda from other places that aren’t active with the NAACP. These are people that were actually brought in to provide the cheering for him so there will be some support for him along those lines.”


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