Video: Mitt Romney Says Deny Coverage for Uninsured with Pre-Existing Conditions

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During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that President Obama’s health care reform law should be overturned and that people with pre-existing conditions should be denied coverage if they never had insurance before (video below).

Host Jay Leno said: “It seems to me like children and people with preexisting conditions should be covered."

But Romney countered: “People with pre-existing conditions, as long as they’ve been insured before, they’re going to continue to have insurance."

“Suppose they were never insured?” Leno asked.

Romney answered: “Well, if they’re 45 years old, and they show up, and they say, I want insurance, because I’ve got a heart disease, it’s like, `Hey guys, we can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you’re well, and if you get ill, then you’re going to be covered."


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