Video: Mitt Romney Fires First Shot of 2012 General Election


It looks like the former Massachusetts governor has finally made the pivot from "contender" to "presumptive nominee," at least in his own mind.

In a speech the morning after a three-state primary sweep that saw Mitt Romney claiming victory in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia, the GOP frontrunner delivered a rousing campaign speech that made no mention of his remaining Republican primary rivals.

Romney's fire this morning was trained squarely on President Obama, and if his words are any indication of the rhetoric to come, this general election campaign is set up to be a heated one.

The former New England Governor drew attention to President Obama’s recent “hot mic” gaffe with Russian President Medvedev, accusing Obama of hiding his true intentions from the American people, stopping just short of labeling the president a traitor.

Romney also accused President Obama of setting up straw men to attack, a thinly veiled reference to the recent kerfuffle over contraception that the White House framed as a war on women.

“I understand why President Obama doesn’t want to run on his record, but he can’t run away from his record either,” said an energized Romney. "I cannot wait to get my hands on Washington."

See a video of speech below:


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