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Video: Mitt Romney Endorsed By Kid Rock

On the eve of the Michigan primary, Mitt Romney got an endorsement and public performance from rocker Kid Rock who sang a live version of 'Born Free,' the official campaign song of the Romney campaign (video below).

Romney, standing on a stage at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit, said: "The other day I got in my car and I drove out to a home of a fellow that lives in this area, and I asked him whether he might come here tonight."

"I think you know him pretty well. He's a native son of Detroit, loves Michigan, loves Detroit. He's recently made quite a commitment - he said he's going to raise a million dollars for (the) Detroit symphony."

"He put a piece of paper in front of me. He'd written down some questions for me. He said first of all, he said, 'Mitt, if you're elected president, will you help me help the state of Michigan?' And I said I would."

Apparently Kid Rock is unaware that Mitt Romney opposed President Obama's bailout of the Detroit auto industry.


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