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Video: Mitt Romney and President Obama Trade Jokes at Al Smith Dinner

On Thursday night, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama met again, this time under tamer circumstances than their Tuesday debate (video below).

Obama and Romney delivered light-hearted jokes at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City, reports

Romney said he was glad to attend the white tie function wearing “what Ann and I wear around the house.”

Romney said he wished President Obama would have brought Vice President Joe Biden with him “because he’ll laugh at anything.”

Romney then took a shot at Pres. Obama: “Of course we’re down to the final months of the president’s term. You have to wonder what he’s thinking. So little time, so much to redistribute... In the spirit of Sesame Street, the president’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter O and the number $16 trillion.”

Following Romney’s address, President Obama fired jokes at himself and at his opponent.

Pres. Obama started with: “Everybody please take your seats, otherwise Clint Eastwood will yell at them."

“Tonight, I am here with a man who was a popular governor, who knows what it’s like to run a major Northeastern state and who very well could be president someday, and I am hoping it is Andrew Cuomo."

Pres. Obama mocked his debate performance in the first debate: “I particularly want to apologize to Chris Matthews. Four years ago, I gave him a thrill up his leg. This time around, I gave him a stroke.”


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