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Video: Mitt Romney Airs False Welfare Ad Against Pres. Obama

After producing radio and television ads that falsely claimed Chrysler was moving its Jeep production to China, Mitt Romney's campaign is airing another untrue ad.

This new ad (video below) falsely claims that President Obama has “gutted the welfare work requirement” with a waiver program that many Republican governors requested.

Ironically, Romney himself requested more local control over welfare, when he was Governor of  Massachusetts, reports

The voice over in the ad states: "If you want to know President Obama’s second term agenda, look at his first. He gutted the work requirement for welfare and doubled the number of able-bodied adults without children on food stamps."

In reality, the welfare work requirements (signed into law by President Clinton in 1996) will remain in place even if states are granted waivers. The major change is that states now have more power to decide how they transition welfare recipients to jobs. 

GOP Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who supports Mitt Romney, has said of the welfare changes: "More flexibility to governors is a good thing.”


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