Video: Minnesota 'Voter ID' Organization Accused of Using Racist Images

The activist group 'TakeAction Minnesota' claims that the conservative group 'Minnesota Majority' is using racist images to promote a proposed voter ID law, which would require voters to show a government-issued photo identification in order to vote at a polling place (video below).

An online banner on WeWantVoterID.com, created by Minnesota Majority, shows an African-American in a prison suit and a Hispanic man dressed in a blue mariachi costume standing with fictional characters. The online banner reads: ”Voter Fraud: Watch How Easy It Is To Cheat In Minnesota’s Elections.”

Dan McGrath, Executive Director of TakeAction Minnesota said: “These images are racial profiling of voters at its ugliest, designed to drive fear and racial division throughout Minnesota in order to help pass a photo ID amendment at the legislature and on the fall ballot. They’re wrong and they should be removed from public view immediately.”

In repsonse, Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis said in a statement: “The people of Minnesota are wise to these old smear tactics. It’s a testament to the fact that their arguments against Voter ID lack any merit when they resort to mud slinging with the old race card. Ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of losing an argument.”


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