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Video: Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson Wants to "Protect Our Children From" Gay Marriage

During a debate, on Thursday, Minnesota state Rep. Mary Franson (R) was asked if she supported a state constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage (video below from Pioneer Public TV). 

Same sex marriage is not legal in Minnesota yet. Voters will decide in November if a ban on same sex marriage should be added to Minnesota’s constitution, reports

Rep. Franson said: “My concerns are that our children in our schools could be taught some liberal agendas because of the marriage amendment. Because in the schools they may be taught that, this is normal behavior. I personally do not believe it is.”

“Massachusetts, as a matter of fact, right after the 2003 court ruling, there was a school-wide assembly celebrating same sex marriage. Then, and a few months later, the middle school was celebrating same sex marriage. "

"And a year after that bill passed, schools went as far as elementary children having celebrations of the same-sex marriage, of gay pride. School books in Massachusetts, also in the libraries had this issue as normalizing it for our young children. And that’s something that I wish to protect our children from."


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