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Video: Mike Huckabee Bashes Ron Paul, Praises Obama

Fox News host Mike Huckabee slammed GOP Iowa frontrunner Ron Paul and his “fanatical believers” during an interview with Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace. Huckabee also denounced his party’s candidates for being too mean to President Obama, whom he called a “decent, patriotic American” (video below).

Huckabee, a former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential candidate, declared that Ron Paul “is not going to be elected president.”

“His views on foreign policy,” Huckabee said, “are so much an anathema to Republicans and Democrats and what I call middle of the road people. He has a core of fanatical believers, and they don’t represent mainstream Americans. It is not okay for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

“Republicans can’t decide what they want to be when they grow up. I know they want to beat Obama, but in the process, they want to tear each other up so much, they want to savage each other so much that it will be difficult to beat Obama.”

“If I ran,” Huckabee continued, “it would be because I wanted to bring some ideas to the race, but I realize that will not be the focus. It is how mean can a person be.

“I don’t want to savage Barack Obama. I think he’s a decent, patriotic American. He loves America different than me, but I don’t doubt he loves America.”


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