Video: Michelle Obama Gives Inspiring Speech at DNC

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an inspiring speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, which drew applause and tears in the audience (video below).

The First Lady recalled her and President Obama's struggles, from poor childhoods to debt-ridden students, reports RawStory.com.

She drew huge applauses for mentions of health care, struggling to make ends meet and equal pay for women.

Michelle Obama said: "Well, today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I never could have imagined. I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.”

“So in the end, for Barack, these issues aren’t political, they’re personal. Because Barack knows what it means when a family struggles. He knows what it means to want something more for your kids and grandkids.”

“Barack knows the American Dream because he’s lived it, and he wants everyone in this country to have that same opportunity, no matter who we are, or where we’re from, or what we look like, or who we love."


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