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Video: Michelle Malkin Accuses President Obama of "Child Abuse"

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin accused President Obama of “child abuse” for using “kiddie human shields” to advance his gun control plan yesterday (video below).

However, Malkin also defended a new National Rifle Association (NRA) advertisement that targeted the president’s underage daughters because they are protected by Secret Service, reports

Several children who had written the president after the Sandy Hook school shooting joined him at the White House on Wednesday as he signed 23 executive orders and called for Congress to take action to curb gun violence.

While Malkin accused Obama of child abuse, she did not call for him to be prosecuted for this alleged crime, which would be a felony.

Malkin said on Fox News today: “This is a time-tested tactic of the left, and I’ve followed it from the Clinton years onward, of using kiddie human shields to deflect tough questions about the costs and consequences of these often reckless and rash public policy decisions that are born of emotionalism and unfortunately exploitation, and not any real commitment to solving the problems.”

“What these Democrats do is use children very cynically to try and deflect accountability for their actions and in this case very imperial actions on the part of the president. And I consider it a form of child abuse and political malpractice, very toxic.”


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