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Video: Michele Bachmann Says Sarah Palin is a Selfish Mom

(Ed.'s Note: It's been pointed out that Michele Bachmann never actually says the name "Sarah Palin" during this chat with Ralph Reed. However, it seems Bachmann is certainly suggesting that candidates like Sarah Palin (a faith-based, conservative woman who ran before Bachmann) tried to have it all.)

Michele Bachmann says Sarah Palin should wait till her children are grown up before she runs for the presidency - and implies that the former Alaska governor should have held off on any kind of White House campaign while she still had children in the house.

In a video from last week's Faith and Freedom Conference, Bachmann tells conservative Christian activist Ralph Reed, ""We've raised a lot of children, five biological children, 23 foster kids," Bachmann says. "This fall our youngest two will go off to college, so we're coming to the conclusion now of 29 years of parenting, and I think that's one life lesson that you learn. That sometimes you have patience and wait to do certain things in your life."

Reed then says, "There's a time and a season for everything."

Bachmann responds, "There's a time and a season for everything, that's right."

Palin is famous for making her family a large part of her 2008 vice-presidential campaign, even though her daughter Bristol was pregnant while the campaign was going on, and went on to become a single teenage mom. She also had a baby son, Trig, in 2008. Trig was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome before he was born.



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