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Video: Michele Bachmann Claims Obamacare Will Harm "National Defense"

In Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) would somehow harm America's “strong national defense," which includes more nuclear weapons than any other country (video below). 

Bachmann also claimed that Obamacare was "socialized medicine, but in fact medical insurance and care would still remain in the hands of private companies and healthcare providers.

Bachmann said: “Admiral Mike Mullen warned us, the greatest enemy of our national security was not a foreign one, but it was our own national debt. And Obamacare only threatens to exacerbate this problem."

"Because President Obama’s plan for socialized medicine will threaten the very heart of the U.S. economy and endanger the national security of our nation as it drains valuable resources away from a strong national defense.”


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