Video: Martin Bashir Confronts Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh

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On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir accused tea party Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) of lacking"‘a level of integrity" for opposing President Barack Obama over the nation’s debt while owing thousands in unpaid child support himself (video below).

“Haven’t you already done that by inadequately paying child support?” Bashir asked Rep.Walsh. “That is a question viewers have asked me. They’d like to know why you still owe $117,437 in child support.”

Walsh replied: “Hey, Martin, I don’t. And I’m fighting this issue — as I have gone around my district telling everyone — legally and privately. I don’t and I’m going to fight it, but this is not an issue I’m going to bring up my kids or even my ex-wife on TV.”

“If the election between Mitt Romney and the president, or Newt Gingrich and the president resorts to these types of personal attacks by both sides, the country as a whole will lose."

“This speaks to the integrity and character of individuals,” Bashir explained. “I’m asking you honestly and honorably and respectfully, you are serving a constituency in the Congress, and yet many of your own constituents find you to be a man who seems to lack a level of integrity, where you would harang the president, you talk about not wanting to raise debt against your children, and yet, you yourself are in debt on child support."


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