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Video: Keith Olbermann Calls Rep. Eric Cantor an "Idiot Tool of the Rich"

On the 'Worst Persons' segment of his 'Countdown' show on Monday night, Keith Olbermann called House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) “an idiot tool of the rich” (video below) for claiming in a recent op-ed piece that President Barack Obama wanted to make it harder to create jobs and incite class warfare.

“Only an idiot believes that,” Olbermann said. “Or a tool of the rich. Or an idiot tool of the rich. This is a society where the 400 richest people made 17 billion dollars among them in 1992 and paid 29 percent tax. Three years ago, the top 400 made 90 billion dollars and paid 21-and-a-half percent tax.”

“This is a society in which ‘class warfare’ does not need to be incited, it has been fully and viciously waged by the Republicans,” Olbermann added.

He also savaged Family Research Council president Tony Perkins for accepting money from China after Perkins attacked President Obama for putting the U.S. in debt to the "anti-Christian communist country of China."


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