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Video: Karilyn Bales Defends Her Husband Sgt. Robert Bales

Karilyn Bales, the wife of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, told the 'Today' show's Matt Lauer, in an interview on Monday, that the murder charges against her husband were "unbelievable" (video below).

Sgt. Bales was charged on Friday with the premeditated murder of 17 Afghan civilians, which included 9 children and a pregnant woman, as well as other attempted murders and assaults. He is also accused of trying to burn the victims' bodies.

Karilyn said: "He loves children, he's like a big kid himself. I have no idea what happened, but he would not ... he loves children, and he would not do that."

The mother of two children, in Lake Tapps, Washington State, said her husband had not shown signs of PTSD, but admitted he had not told her everything: "He shielded me from a lot of what he went through. He's a very tough guy."

Pentagon investigators say Sgt. Bales left his base in Kandahar Province early on March 11, killing a dozen people in one village, before returning to his base and leaving for a second nearby village where he killed another family asleep in their home.


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