Video: Jon Voight Says Pres. Obama "is of the Marxist, Socialist Root"


Conservative actor Jon Voight told Tom Trento, of The United West, in an interview at the Republican National Convention in Tampa that “the President is of the Marxist, socialist root” (video below).

Voight tried to smear President Obama with his late father, reports

Voight also claimed that Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972, became Obama's mentor when Obama would have been twelve.

Voight did not mention how the stock market has rebounded under President Obama, who has renewed the Bush tax breaks every year of his presidency.

Voight said: "The President is of the Marxist, socialist root: from his dad, his mother encouraged his following through on his dad’s Marxism and his dad’s view of America which was of an imperialist state. Then he had the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist who was a mentor as a young man, then as he got older he fell in with the work of Saul Alinsky and Alinsky became his mentor. That’s who he is, you should know that."


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