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Video: Jon Stewart Slams Sean Hannity for Overhyping 2007 Obama Tape

On the 'Daily Show,' Wednesday night,  host Jon Stewart slammed Fox News host Sean Hannity and The Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson for overhyping a video of Barack Obama from 2007 (video below).

Hannity and Carlson falsely claimed they had an “exclusive” video, which was widely covered in 2007 by numerous cable and network news outlets, reports

Hannity and Carlson attacked Pres. Obama for speaking like a black man to his black audience, so Stewart showed a video of Mitt Romney trying to speak "black."

Stewart ripped Hannity by saying: “The best, most explosive critique that you could deliver of the worst president we have ever had in this country is treating us to some reanimated b*llshit video that has already been seen as though it were the Rodney King tape in reverse."

Stewart then gave control of his show to three of his black correspondents to analyze the "shocking video."


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