Video: Jon Stewart Says After 2 years, $3 billion, U.S. in "Same Place We Were" in 2010


During a special live Election Night 2012 broadcast of 'The Daily Show,' Jon Stewart said that after all the billions of dollars spent over the past two years, the U.S. is in the same political situation as it was in 2010 (video below).

Stewart said: “Once again, just let me very quickly announce this: House of Representatives, Republican. In the Senate, Democrats, the presidency, Barack Obama, let’s see. Two years, $3 billion and we are clearly in the same place we were when it started.”

Stewart also welcomed 'holographic George Washington,' who was shocked that citizens don’t get election day off from work: “Jefferson’s testes! That’s naught but a recipe for petty politicking at best and national discord at worst!”


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