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Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Debate Message

On Tuesday night, 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart analyzed the third presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy.

Stewart reviewed how much Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama's foreign policy decisions: “I think Romney’s leaning Obama. He’s one of this year’s coveted swing voters.”

Later, after playing a montage of Romney agreeing with Pres. Obama, Stewart said: "What the hell was that? We still get out choice of color, but it’s the same model,” reports

Stewart then pointed to Romney’s contradictions in the debate: “Romney appears to have made the calculated decision that his bellicose and hawkish performances in the Republican primaries would be less appreciated by the normals.”

"We learned Mitt Romney has basically come around to Barack Obama’s position on foreign policy, and Barack Obama’s come around to the Bush administration’s policy on aggression overseas.”


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