Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News Coverage of Mitt Romney Tapes "Chaos On Bullsh*t Mountain"

On the 'Daily Show,' on Wednesday, host Jon Stewart skewered Fox News for their coverage of a secret video of Mitt Romney attacking "47 percent" of Americans as not paying taxes, having no personal responsibility and asking for handouts.

Stewart said that the Fox News' “turd containment crews have been working overtime.”

He then played a clip of Fox News' host Sean Hannity claiming that 49 percent of Americans received government entitlements under President Obama, reports RawStory.com.

Stewart said: “This is the core of bulls*it mountain. The 49 percent entitlement society Obama enables, that is the core of the bullshit nation fiction. That somehow, only since Obama, the half of Americans who love this country and work hard and are good have had the fruits of their labor seized and handed over to the half of this nation that is lazy and dependent and the opposite of good. Now in that 49 percent, Hannity is including those on Social Security and Medicare, or as I like to call them, his audience.”

Stewart also slammed Hannity for not mentioning all the corporate welfare such as federal subsidies. Stewart also pointed out how Romney himself benefits from tax subsidies.


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