Video: Jesse Ventura Says Fox News has Banned Him

Appearing on Current TV, on Wednesday night, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said that Fox News had banned him (video below).

Ventura said: “Those tough guys from Fox won’t have me on. They refuse to have me on... I think it is because I can’t be intimidated. You know, they live on intimidation over there, and they’ve got to look me eye to eye, and like I told Sean Hannity once, I said, ‘Remember Sean, you gotta sleep sometime.’”

Ventura, a former Navy SEAL once challenged Sean Hannity to be waterboarded, but Hannity refused, even though he claimed that waterboarding was not torture.

When asked about the Republicans and Democrats, Ventura answered: “These gangs have sold out our country. They are totally bought and sold."


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