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Video: Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Charges on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Republican frontrunner Herman Cain appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Monday night where he was asked “How was your day?” by Kimmel. “Well, all things considered, I’m still alive,” Cain replied (video below).

Cain admitted that he was surprised by the press conference given by the fourth woman who has accused him of sexual harassment: “We watched it because we didn’t even know that this whole thing about woman number four was going to even come out, so that was a surprise.”

Kimmel asked Cain if he considered hiring Gloria Allred as his attorney. “Let me put it to you this way,” Cain joked. “I can’t think of anything that I would hire her to do, okay? I can’t think of a thing!"

"At least it wasn’t one of the many that have the first name anonymous so now this one actually had a name and so we watched to see what it was and who it was. We are dealing with it and tomorrow we’re going to have a press conference. We’re taking this head-on.”

Cain also acknowledged his wife watched the press conference and said that steam came out his ears when he heard the allegations. Cain said there was “not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations.”


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