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Video: Herman Cain Claims He Was "Too Tired" to Answer Libya Question

During a CNN interview, host Wolf Blitzer asked GOP presidential candidate Cain about his infamous 53-second silence and incoherent response to a Libya question from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (video below).

Cain claimed the Sentinel “pulled out 40 seconds” from his answer (actually it was five minutes). Cain conceded the incident was “embarrassing," but said he was "too tired" to do the interview.

Cain has used the  "too tired” defense with many of his embarrassing foreign policy gaffes throughout the campaign, raising suspicions as to whether he’d be ready to act.

But if Cain wins, he says he’ll get a chance to sleep it off and start fresh. “The day after the Election Day, when I win the presidency, the day after, I’m gonna take a nap,” he said recently.


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