Video: Herman Cain Admits Mitt Romney's Welfare Attack Against Pres. Obama is Incorrect

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Appearing on 'The Daily Show,' former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain admitted that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s welfare attack ad against President Obama is incorrect, reports (video below).

Host Jon Stewart pressed Cain on Romney’s campaign ad, which claims that President Obama gutted a welfare work requirement signed into law by President Clinton in 1996.

Cain said: “I’m not disagreeing with the fact that the language was too strong. But it gives states the opportunity to so called increase [in employment], but the examples I have been shown, it decreased.”

Stewart replied: “It seems to me that not only is ‘gutting’ wrong, but lessening is wrong. That, lessening would still be pants, necessarily not on fire, but certainly smoldering.”

Cain said: “But I’m not… I will go along with your description. I am sorry! So shoot me!”

Stewart shook Cain's hand: “You’re a good man!”


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