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Video: Heavily Edited Mitt Romney Commercial Cuts Out NAACP Audience Booing Him

A few weeks ago, Mitt Romney’s speech at the NAACP was defined in the media by the resounding chorus of boos he got from the crowd when he promised to repeal Obamacare.

At the time, an NAACP official told MSNBC that the Romney campaign brought their own African-American supporters to fill in the July 11 event.

Now, the Romney campaign has released a new commercial ad, 'We Need Mitt Romney,' that rewrites history by splicing together Romney’s speech with shots of a couple audience members nodding as if in agreement (video below).

While Romney did receive a polite standing ovation when he was done speaking, the video has been edited to make it seem like the audience rose to their feet to applaud him in mid-speech.


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