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Video: Gun Store Owner Jerry McCall Says Sales Skyrocketed Because of Obama Re-Election and Mayan Doomsday

It doesn't take much to shoot gun sales through the roof these days, according to gun store owner Jerry McCall of San Antonio, Texas.

McCall told WOAI-TV that his business was a “madhouse” on Black Friday because President Obama was re-elected and the so-called Mayan doomsday is approaching on December 21, 2012 (video below).

McCall said: “It was a madhouse. They want to be able to defend themselves because they’ve lost confidence in our legislators. More people feel under the gun to get one in anticipation of possible new laws restricting gun ownership."

McCall recalled one customer saying: “I bought my gold. I have my food. And now I’m buying the gun so I can keep my gold and my food."

The FBI said earlier this week that they had 154,873 calls for background checks on Black Friday, beating last year’s record of 129,166.


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