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Video: Gretchen Carlson Advises Viewers How to Avoid New York's Gun Control Law

Gretchen Carlson, one of the hosts of 'Fox & Friends,' advised viewers this morning on how to get around New York State's new gun law, which was signed yesterday by Governor Andrew Cuomo (video below).

Carlson said: “We want to show you a graphic of a particular kind of weapon that has been banned, a rifle. The reason it’s been banned is you can see there is how you hold on to the gun."

"That’s called a military-style [pistol grip]. The one below is legal simply because it does not have that little piece, but according to what I’ve read, it fires off the same amount of bullets. So this is one of the little tiny loopholes that you might be able to find."

The shows' hosts also claimed that President Obama was taking advantage of the surviving children from Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, as some of them are expected to be at the White House this afternoon when the president announces gun control proposals designed to makes schools safer, reports

Co-host Steve Doocy host said: “The White House is getting some flak for essentially using these kids as props for the president’s agenda. I can understand if they were to have some of the parents from Sandy Hook, but the children… I mean, ultimately, the best way to keep a lot of kids safe is to keep them out of politics.”


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