Video: Greek Politician Punches Woman in the Face

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On Thursday morning, three Greek politicians got into a fight, while appearing on the country's ANT1-TV’s morning show (video below).

During a roundtable debate about Greece’s economic future, MP Ilias Kasidiaris called Communist Party elected MP Liana Kanelli an “old communist."

Kanelli then called Kasidiaris a “Nazi-collaborator” and a “fascist.”

Elected MP Rena Dourou, of Greek’s Coalition of the Radical Left, insulted Kasidiaris with: “Your party will take Greece 500 years back.” Kasidiaris then grabbed the nearest glass of water and emptied it on Dourou.

Kanelli jumped out of her seat and told Kasidiaris to “Get out of here, you assh*le!” which was met with Kasidiaris’ repeated punching.

Kasidiaris fled the studio and police are trying to arrest him for “dangerous physical damage.”


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